12 Airbrush Makeup Secrets I Learned from the Experts

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Diving into personal airbrush makeup can seem scary, but don’t get discouraged! Airbrush makeup is long-wearing, applies products evenly, and covers your skin’s imperfections completely, so it’s totally worth the learning curve. Read on for our 12 tips on creating a flawless look with your airbrush makeup.

1. Choose a quality airbrush system

Airbrush makeup systems aren’t cheap, but you may be disappointed if you sacrifice quality to spare your wallet. The most popular brands for airbrush systems are TEMPTU, Dinair, and Luminess. Check our Airbrush Kit buying guide for more details.

2. Start with a primer

Airbrush foundation can be drying on the skin, but don’t be tempted to use an oil-based moisturizer! Oil-based products can ruin your foundation’s formula. To moisturize your skin, use a water-based product. If you must use an oil-based moisturizer, give it a few minutes to soak into the skin, and then blot off the excess. Products that mask pores, like Benefit’s POREfessional Face Primer, are perfect for use before you apply airbrush makeup.

3. Mix foundation shades

Most airbrush systems come with a range of foundation shades. For the best result, you should try switching these on the skin to find your best match. If none of the shades match, it’s best to mix them in the airbrush gun. You may need to experiment with different combinations to find your perfect match.

4. Shake the bottle

Before adding any product to the airbrush gun, you should shake the bottle thoroughly. This will ensure that the formula is free of air bubbles, and is completely mixed. Airbrush foundation uses a special formula that can separate when you are not using it.

5. Do a test patch

Before you start applying airbrush makeup to your face, try turning the gun on and using it on a sheet of paper or your hand. Make sure that the color matches what you want, and that the formula looks even and free of bubbles. This is also a great way to get practice with your airbrush gun.

6. Avoid the undereye area

You can apply airbrush makeup to your undereye area, but we don’t recommend it. This type of foundation can settle into your fine lines and dry out your skin when used on such a sensitive area.

7. Apply cream concealer first

If you like to use a cream concealer, apply it before your airbrush makeup. Be sure to blend it into your skin thoroughly. Airbrush foundation can be layered over cream concealer, but cream products do not blend well over airbrush makeup.

8. Use the right application technique

There are three main things to do while applying your airbrush makeup. First, be sure to keep the gun upright. Otherwise, you can interrupt the air flow or spill the makeup. Hold it a few inches from the face (six to eight is ideal). While applying, move your hand in circular motions for even coverage. You can layer airbrush makeup, but remember that a little goes a long way!

9. Don’t stop moving

While the airbrush gun is on, never stop moving your hand! If you need to take a break, check out your coverage, or stop for any other reason, it’s important to turn off the air flow and move the airbrush gun away from your face. If you stop moving while applying airbrush makeup, it can create an ugly “blotch” on the skin.

10. Clean up with a fluffy brush

As you apply airbrush makeup, you may notice air bubbles or other small imperfections. To clean these up, try turning off the gun and lightly smoothing out the area with a large, clean, fluffy makeup brush.

11. Set with a powder

After applying airbrush foundation, you should set it with a translucent finishing or setting powder. This will make any powder product you use afterward, like blush or bronzer, blend beautifully.

12. Finish with a setting spray

When you’re completely done with your makeup routine, you should always lock it in place with a setting spray. These sprays will protect your airbrush makeup throughout the day.setting Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray and Nyx Makeup Setting Spray are both great choices.

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