How to Look Younger: 5 Simple Beauty Tricks for Your Eyes

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As we get older, we look for new ways to look younger. If you’re looking for rejuvenating makeup tips and products that will turn back the clock without setting back your bank account as well, focusing on your eye makeup will do the trick.

It’s no secret that our eyes can tell the truth about our age. Eyes are the first place to look when trying to guess someone’s real age. The best way to give your face a boost is with your eye makeup.

It’s in the Eyes

Whether you have laughing lines crinkled around your eyes or you lay on the eyeliner in hopes that you’ll look younger, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure you actually look younger than your age. Follow our tips to make sure your eye makeup is working for you.

#1. Get Rid of Any Shadows

As you get older, or if you are just really tired, you will notice that the shadows underneath your eyes will get really dark. The skin around the eyes is thin and will make the shadows look more noticeable. A simple way to solve this issue is to invest in under eye concealer.

This is a quick trick to get your younger looking eyes. You will want to find a light reflecting and liquid concealer to use, setting the concealer with matte powder to keep the crows feet at bay.

#2. Use Sparkle

Wait a second–before you get out your glittery eye shadow, take a second to read this tip through. The type of sparkle we are referring to is a natural looking kind of shimmer. We suggest taking a flesh colored liner and lining the waterline of your eyes to make your eyes look bigger and make them appear more hydrated and youthful.

#3. Give Your Lids a Lift

Sagging lids will make you look tired as well as older. You can perform your own eyelid lift with the right eyeshadow palette. Draw a line with the darkest shade along the root of the top lashes.

Using the second darkest color, you will add a smokiness to your lashes and blend upwards into a lighter brown that you will add closer towards your brows. Take time to curl your lashes before putting on mascara as this will always make your eyes pop more.

#4. Keep Your Lines Soft

Crows feet will deepen as you age and need special attention if you want to keep your eyes looking as youthful as possible. You should use an eye cream that is specifically made for softening lines around your eyes.

The best ones will brighten your complexion as well as blur these lines. Additionally, you should try not to use makeup on or around your wrinkles, particularly anything that shimmers.

#5. Keep Glasses in Mind

If you wear glasses, you will want to work to make your eyes defined so they don’t get lost behind the lenses.

As you go through your daily makeup routine, keep our tips in mind to make your eyes as bright and youthful as possible.

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