Luminess Air Legend Starter Kit

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Discover the Luminess Air Legend Starter Airbrush Makeup System

Luminess Air Legend Starter is an airbrush makeup system which is designed to allow you to airbrush foundation and other makeup onto your face, right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you’re interested in learning more about this popular kit, you’ll appreciate this detailed review!

Today, I’m going to outline the pros and cons of the system, talk about its price point, detail its most useful features and give you some information which helps you to decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Then, I’ll wrap things up by letting you know how I feel about the Luminess Air Legend Starter System!

Pros and Cons of the System

This system will assist you with eliminating cross-contamination, which is something that happens when makeup is applied the old-fashioned way, without airbrushes. Since your application will be so clean with the airbrush, you’ll find that your skin looks fresher and healthier.

For example, if you break out sometimes and worry that your makeup sponges and foundation brushes may be the source of germs which trigger pimples, switching to this system will be a common-sense way to care for your skin.

The makeup included in the kit (you’ll get five bottles of makeup when you order) is designed to be so good to your complexion. It’s water-based and it won’t clog your pores. As well, it’s been tested by dermatologists and approved by dermatologists.

When you use it, you’ll find that it allows you to access a long-lasting finish which is truly flawless. You’ll get the celebrity makeup look, whether you apply blush, eye shadow, moisturizer, primer, concealer or bronzer. Also, it’s possible to put skin care products on your face with this versatile airbrushing kit.

In terms of cons, it’s at the high-end price point. You’ll need to invest in this kit, although it definitely offers quite a bit of value for the money. If you can afford to pay designer prices for designer results, this may be the airbrushing system that you’ve been looking for.

Useful Features

This kit comes with YouTube videos and a DVD, so learning how to use it will be so easy. You’ll find that it’s your secret weapon for exceptional makeup which allows you to highlight your natural beauty. As well, you’ll love the realistic coverage that you get.

Once you practice a few times, you’ll find that the airbrush and compressor are so easy to use. Also, everything that you will need in order to get started with airbrushing makeup will be included.

If you aren’t serious about makeup application, this kit may not be right for you. It may be a bit over the top! However, since you’re reading this review right now, you may be serious about makeup and ready to take your makeup application to the next level!

By choosing this kit today, you’ll get the airbrush effect every time that you do your makeup and you’ll also be able to use this kit on friends and family. It’s a great choice for anyone who is considering doing makeup as a career or as a sideline. It’s a tool which offers superb results.

I Love This Designer Airbrush Kit

I enjoy doing my makeup and I always want the types of results that I see on fashion models and Hollywood actresses. When I use the Luminess Air Legend Starter airbrush kit, I am able to get results on a par with what the best makeup artists in the world deliver for their celebrity clients!

When I first got the kit, I tended to use it only for special occasions. As time went on, I became more dependent on it. Now, I use it every morning in order to get perfect makeup results which last all day long.

If you want more from makeup, investing in this high-quality and reliable system, which is so well-made and which comes with makeup of amazing purity, you should order this kit today. It will cost a bit of money, but help you to look your best. When I use this kit, I have tons of confidence. I’m able to go out into the world, knowing that my face looks as perfect as it possibly can!

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