4 Simple Ways to Bring Sparkle Back to Your Eyes

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They say that the eyes are the very doorway to your heart, as they show your emotions and reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. Because these two pools of beauty hold so much significance in our lives, it’s no secret that we want them to shine and sparkle! Whether it’s altering your lifestyle or adding in a new form of skin care, there are many steps you can take to bringing back that stunning sparkle in your eyes.

#1. Your Diet

The things we put into our bodies can greatly impact the overall look and feel of our eyes. Feeding ourselves with the right kind of ingredients in proper amounts is immensely important in order to rid of tired, dull-looking eyes. The Visionary Blog on Lasik MD Vision states, “By staying active, eating a healthy diet, and drinking lots of water, you can keep your eyes in top health.”

Drink More Water

Hydration is known to provide fantastic benefits for the body, especially for your eyes. When your body doesn’t get enough water and becomes dehydrated, it directly impacts the eyes, leaving them lacking the lubrication and moisture they need. Staying hydrated can prevent the look and feel of dry, tired eyes, so it’s important to make sure you’re monitoring daily water intake.

drink enough h2o water


As The Visionary Blog on Lasik MD Vision states, “It can’t be stressed enough: The most important thing to do is drink plenty of water.” The positive difference this makes might surprise you, as your eyes can begin to sparkle from the inside out!

Eat the Right Foods

Healthy foods make for a healthy body, but certain foods can lead to brighter, healthier eyes. Consuming more foods with antioxidants and vitamins can keep your eyes is great shape, so looking for ingredients like Vitamin C, E, and A might be the way to go. Spinach, peanuts, and of course, carrots, can provide your eyes with the nutrition they need to stay healthy, whiter, and brighter.

#2. Showing Your Eyes a Little Love

Whether we realize or not, the way we treat our eyes daily can be causing more harm than you may realize. Keeping them strong, protected, and soothed can lead to a major improvement in their overall look and feel.

Woman and eye drops
Close up of female face and eye drops


The many causes of eye irritation or the drying and discolored skin surrounding can come directly from sources out of your control. Weather conditions, such as dry and cold air, can lead to thirsty eyes, making them appear tired and lacking illumination and life.

With that, the sun can easily damage your eyes and the skin around them, visibly aging them faster and putting them at risk for further, more harmful damage. In order to care for your eyes and maintain a sparkle, protection is beyond important; keeping them out of the sun and wearing a shielding sunscreen is a great option during the summer time.

Eye drops and gentle, fragrance-free moisturizers can act as a helpful aid during their sensitivity in winter, so protect those eyes, and allow them to shine!

Be Gentle

It’s sometimes tough to work around your eyes when washing your face or exfoliating, but it’s important to treat them with a gentle, careful hand. The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, so any harsh rubbing or scrubbing can easily irritate them. When taking off your makeup at the end of a long day, try using a gentle makeup remover, maybe one made specifically for eye-makeup removal.

Allowing a moistened cotton round to sit on your eyelids for a moment will give the product time to sink it, making it easier to remove your makeup tenderly. As for cleansing the face and exfoliating, make sure to avoid washing or scrubbing the eye area, as many of these products are too harsh for your eyes and their sensitive skin.

#3. Soothe and Shine with Skincare

Calm the Irritation

Whether your eyes are naturally sensitive to external sources or you’ve done a little damage by scrubbing them too often, soothing skincare can aid in calming down the irritation and hydrating the skin around your eyes. Using natural and easily accessible products on the eyes, such as petroleum jelly and cucumber, can reduce swelling and inflammation greatly.

Facial mask of cucumber.

Awaken and Renew

Using a product made specifically for the sensitivity of the skin around your eyes can add some major sparkle without the risk of irritation. Looking for eye creams with Vitamin C and caffeine can brighten, balance out, and wake up your eyes and their skin either instantly or over time.

Applying these creams gently is key when achieving desired, eye-brightening results, so avoid the swiping, pulling, and rubbing, and go for a gentle patting motion instead.

#4. Sparkle With Makeup

If you find that your diet and skincare routine are both up to par, adding an extra bit of sparkle to your eyes with makeup can act as the cherry on top and finishing touch.


Using a makeup highlighter or highlighting shade of eyeshadow can add a great amount of sparkle to your eyes. Whether it has a matte or shimmer finish, applying just a bit to the inner corner of your eyes will counteract the naturally deep shadows that form in those areas.

A highlighting shade can be of powder, cream, or even liquid formulas in order to be effective in achieving a sparkle in the eyes, so find your favorite highlight, and get sparkling!

sparkling brown-brown-eyes


Dark circles under the eyes, as well as eyelid discoloration, can add to the overall look of tired, dull eyes. Using a brightening concealer can, not only help balance out your skin tone but add a bit of a boost your eyes need to shine and look fully awake. Depending on your skin tone, orange or light peach color correctors can be applied underneath your daily concealer and add a major brightening effect to your eyes.


Most of us tend to reach for a black or brown liner when lining our eyes, but other colors on the water line can allow your eyes to look wider, brighter, and even bigger. Applying a white liner to the inner area of the bottom eyelid can make an incredible difference and instantly open up your eyes.

If white isn’t your thing, going for a nude shade can result in a more natural finish and still provide you with the same stunning effect.

No matter what we do or where we go each day, our eyes are constantly working their hardest in multiple different ways. Whether you want your eyes to seem bold and inviting or just improve their overall sheen and health, taking the simple steps towards glistening eyes can help them look and feel brighter, energized, and full of life and sparkle!

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