5 Top Rated Laser Machines For Home Reviews

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Excessive and ill-maintained body hair can make a person appear unkempt, unclean and worse unhygienic. Unfortunately, the stigma for women is more pronounced than for males when it comes to missing a couple of dates with the razor.

While shaving, plucking, and waxing are all very viable means to remove body hair, they tend to damage the skin. On the other hand, professional laser hair removal treatments by dermatological clinics can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are at-home laser hair removal devices available for purchase.

If you’re one of those hair removal enthusiasts, you’ve no doubt already scoured the malls for any and every at-home laser device to rid yourself of the unsightly things permanently. Admittedly, my search did not yield very many results.

There are not a lot of models, but six units stood out from all the rest. If you’re looking to own one but are at a loss as to which model is the best for you, kindly check out my reviews of the 5 Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices.


Top 5 Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

REMINGTONLong power cord, works with men and womens skinNot suitable for facial areas. Irritates some skin types$$$
TRIA BEAUTYVery simple to use. Cheap.Not advised for light hair. Some buyers have reported more pain than other units.$$
SILK’N FLASH AND GOOne of the least painful to use devices. CheapSome buyers have reported irritation or burn skin$$
BELLALITECan be used around facial areas. Cheap.Not advised for light hair.$$
LUMARX IPLSmall design which is easy to use on facial areas.Not advised for light hair. Small so doesn't work well on large areas$

Laser Hair Removal Device Reviews


The first thing I noticed about this model is how it resembles a telephone with its receiver + cradle type design. I could go on and on about numbers and light specifications but what you need to know is that the technology behind this little device mimics the ones in dermatologic clinics. So they are as safe and efficient; it is FDA approved.

The laser itself is about the size of an electric razor and covers a larger patch of skin as compared to traditional lasers. This hair removal system reduces the amount of hair growth permanently (by 94%) after just three uses within one month. It can be used on the major target areas like your underarm, legs, bikini line, chest, and stomach but is strictly prohibited for use on the face. The device works best on dark or medium colored hairs only and may not be able to remove fine or light colored hairs (grays and whites).

A major disadvantage is that it does not recommend for dark skin tones and patches of skin covered in tattoos.

All in all, it’s a very easy device to use and is gentle to the touch. It comes in two colors, Copper and Purple.


What I love about the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4x is that it does not have unnecessary bulk. The entire unit has been condensed into a single hand-held device. The shaft is configured for ease of grip, and the bulb at the top serves as the laser. The hallmark of at-home laser devices is apparent in its ease of use.

Simply pulse the laser on the target area for a few seconds and voila! It does not work quite as fast as the first unit, but it is very effective. It takes about three months to see any actual results. But at the end of the three months, there will be 70 % permanent reduction of hair growth guaranteed.

My only concern with this model is that it stings a little and for first timers, it can come as quite a shock. But you’ll quickly get used to it. It arrives in a variety of cute colors (Fuchsia, Graphite, Lavender, Peony and Turquoise), so that’s a plus. It’s a little more expensive than the Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System.


The Silk’N Flash device is of the gun type variety, very space age looking. It doesn’t look quite as cute as the Tria Beauty, which is a bit more slim and dainty but it is a smaller dimension. The downside to hand-held models is that they take a longer time to produce results.

The Silk’N Flash requires six months of continuous use to reduce hair growth permanently. But if you don’t mind waiting, then it’s a non-issue. It gets the job done anyway. It’s as effective as the previous models and is just as easy to use. Also, it covers a larger patch of skin because of the bar-shaped light.

Cranking up the setting higher yields quicker results but is discouraged for first timers. A burning sound can be heard if used on thick patches of hair. Do not use higher levels on your face. And if you are going to use it on your face, be sure you wear the safety goggles that come with the box.

Overall, it’s a popular device and sells at a slightly lower price.


Another telephone-like hair removal device, the BellaLite Hair Removal Laser is a rounded box-shaped unit. The box serves as the cradle to the actual laser that fits seamless back into it which I adore.

Its simple design also makes it super easy to store. The BelleLite works like the Tria Beauty unit in that there would be an evident, permanent 70% reduction in their growth by three months but at less than half the price. There’s also a bit of a sting during use, but then again beauty is pain. The cartridges need to be replaced frequently. After 750 pulses, it’s time for a new one.

It’s among the cheapest of the line-up which is its biggest advantage.


Now this one really, really looks like a telephone. Kidding aside, though, the Lumarx IPL is the most sophisticated looking device on the list. Compared to the other devices, it is quite obvious that the Lumarx is at the higher end of the spectrum in both make and wear. It is also the most expensive laser hair removal unit on my list, but it still costs a whole lot less than professional laser hair removal treatments in the long-run.

All of the devices share the same specifications like, they can only work best on dark and medium colored hair, contraindicated for people with dark skin tones that the Lumarx IPL shares with them. The box set is loaded with accessories including interchangeable body and facial caps. The flash cartridge holds 65,000 pulses. The most number of all six devices.

It is one of the fastest acting devices with visible results at just one month.


The final item on the list is not a hair removal device per se but an accessory. However, it’s worth mentioning. The Slik’N SN-007 is a companion pack to the BellaLite Laser Hair Removal unit. The Silk’N SN-007’s offers the widest area of skin coverage as compared to every other unit. So you’d cover more ground in the least amount of time. Leg hair removal will only take all of 30 minutes.

Each cartridge holds 750 pulses, so that’s 2250 in total. They can last you a long time. These cartridges are the working parts of the BellaLite Laser Hair Removal device, so it’s to be expected that they cost nearly as much as the unit itself. But if you buy the three cartridge pack you’d be saving yourself more money as opposed to purchasing them individually which quite frankly I’m all for. In fact, if you buy the three pack Slik’N SN-007 cartridge together with the BellaLite unit, their combined price tags still won’t amount to the Lumarx IPL unit.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

There are lots of different ways to remove that unwanted body hair, some of which are not only more painful than others but barely keep the hair away for more than a day or two and then you have to start over! Hair removal is something every woman considers because getting rid of hair and keeping it away is so important. We all want silky smooth skin but not side effects like razor rash, ingrown hairs or itching.

One of the most modern ways to depilate is laser hair removal. That’s been around for a few years now, but these days you can opt have it done professionally or invest in an incredible machine which allows you to remove the unsightly hair (and keep it away!) in the comfort of your home. To be honest, I didn’t even know much about laser hair removal until my best friend showed me the soft smoothness under her arm and told me her secret.

Body hair has been an issue for me since high school, and I can relate to any woman who’s had to put up with shaving nicks, red bumpy skin and regrowth after a day because it just gets so tedious. I discovered waxing too but having a stranger pour hot wax over my nether regions wasn’t my favorite thing either. I hoped laser treatments would be a better way – the solution I’d been looking for all this time.

The cost of laser hair removal has come down recently, although I did wonder whether it was worth the price since it’s more expensive than a pack of razor blades. I also wondered how much pain would be involved and whether it would work the way I was hoping. I already knew this type of hair removal was permanent but what about the risks involved? I decided if having laser hair removal meant never having to nick myself shaving or walk into a salon again for waxing it would all be worth it.

This was a few years ago now, and yes, it did cost me a few hundred dollars, but my skin is so smooth I am so pleased I did it! All my friends (both male and female) who have had laser hair removal are delighted.

To be honest, it doesn’t cost more than professional waxing treatments every few weeks. Or a lifetime supply of razors and shaving foam (probably cheaper if you work it out, plus you save so much time!) If you are considering laser hair removal for yourself, read on, and I’ll share some of my tips with you.

Laser hair removal seems to work best if you have light skin and dark hair. There are lots of brands to choose from including the Candela laser and, a newer option, the Yag laser. You can remove hair from nearly everywhere apart from eyebrows or hair close to your eyes. You can get a Brazilian or an American (the latter includes the anus, and no, it didn’t hurt!) or even those annoying few hairs which pop up on your chin or around the nipples.

How Much is It?

If you want a home laser hair removal kit, you’re looking at anywhere from $99 up to $800 depending which areas you want to treat.

Whether you just want to get rid of a few stray hairs on your upper lip, you’re tired of tweezing every other day or you want to do your whole legs and other large areas.

Tips for the Best Results

If you want to have professional laser hair removal, you will need to shave 24 hours before your appointment with a new razor and plenty of skin shaving foam, preferably the type for sensitive skin. Don’t tan in the sun or apply fake tan beforehand – you want your skin to be its natural color when you go in. Also, forget the moisturizer and deodorant. Have your skin clean and bare so the area can be treated.

It’s a good idea to write down the names of any medications you might be taking because some can react to the laser or cause skin sensitivity. If you aren’t sure, you can give your doctor or pharmacy a call before your treatment to double-check.

Something else you might be wondering about is how many sessions you will need, and the answer is: it depends. You might need about ten sessions to remove the hair completely so it doesn’t come back. There should be a 15% reduction after just one treatment but yes, some hairs will grow back. Stay with it though!

Don’t pluck or wax hairs in the meantime because you need the hair roots to be present in order for the laser to work. Shave the area to be lasered a day or two ahead. If you are planning a Brazilian, make sure you shave all those hairs off. It’ll be worth it – you won’t have to shave down there ever again after a few laser sessions.

Does It Hurt?

Honestly I found it quite manageable, and if you’ve experienced the pain of waxing you won’t be suffering like that, I promise. Waiting too long between laser sessions can increase the pain quite a bit though so stay with the schedule your laser removal products manufacturer recommends. That’s usually about 6 weeks between each treatment.

Imagine a rubber band snapping on your skin then a cool sensation – that’s the best I can describe how it feels. They also give you orange-tinted safety goggles so you can just close your eyes and imagine you’re lying on a beach or go to your happy place. It’s true the more intimate areas hurt more. There is a numbing lotion you can apply beforehand if you really can’t handle the pain, but it isn’t cheap. If you can handle waxing you can certainly handle being lasered.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Actually a laser treatment is pretty quick depending how many breaks you need (how sensitive you are to pain) and the equipment and technique used. A Brazilian might take 10 or 15 minutes while a few stray hairs on the upper lip or chin might take 2 or 3 minutes. Every zap kills a hair in a second and nowhere is zapped twice, so even if it is painful the laser will move somewhere else immediately after.

The results of laser hair removal vary. My legs, underarms, arms and bikini line are done and the results vary a bit. I believe this treatment is best on dark, coarse hair, which is maybe why the very thin, light hair on my arms wasn’t quite as successful as my bikini line and underarms. I just love being able to throw on a tank top or swimsuit without having to worry about hairy surprises, and if I find a blonde hair or two on my arm I’m not that bothered to be honest.

OK so remember, don’t tan at least 4 weeks before or 2 weeks after a treatment, and consider starting in the autumn because it’s going to take a year to get the recommended 6 to 10 sessions. Then you can be on the beach, smooth and hair-free, and of course say goodbye to those tedious 20-minute shaving sessions every other day in the shower! Laser hair removal results are permanent, just like tattoos but, unlike those, nobody EVER regrets laser hair removal!

Final Thoughts about the Best Laser Hair Removal

In the event that you are not worried by the higher beginning speculation, and hoping to treat particular spots of your body or face (e.g. upper lip, underarms), the Tria offers the best accuracy and adequacy as we would see it.

In any case, in the event that you are hoping to treat bigger regions of your body like your legs and back, then you ought to consider the Remington or Bellalite framework.

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