Simple Mistakes You’re Making When Curling Your Hair

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If you want to get better curls then you need to address the four simple mistakes that you are probably making. There are lots of women worldwide who don’t have the best grasp on curling their hair and continue making the same mistakes over and over.

Read on for tips on how to make sure you have perfect curls each time you curl your hair.

Curling wands are simple tools that make it easy to get perfect curls every time. They can be used to make a lot of different looks and style with your hair. It can be tricky to make sure that your curls look great. Here are some tips!

#1. You aren’t curling away from your face.

Generally speaking, you’re going to create a much more flattering hairstyle if you curl your hair away from your face. Exceptions include when you are looking for a vintage style, making finger waves or are trying to create a modern look. When you curl your hair away from your face you will make a softer look with your curls.

#2. You forget to let your curls cool.

You have to let your curls cool if you want them to last a long time. If your curls constantly fall out then this may be your problem. To keep your curls lasting a long time try pinning them in their curl shape as they cool. If nothing else, don’t touch your hair while they are warm. Only after they are completely cool should you finish styling.

#3. You use hairspray at the end.

Spraying your hair when it’s completely styled will only make it fall flat. Use a light to firm hold hairspray before you even being curling and spritz it on regularly during the styling, but make sure that you are only applying it lightly. You never want to apply so much hair spray that your hair looks shiny or greasy.

Using hair spray during curling is a great way to make sure that stick-straight hair will hold the curl. Never use hair oil as it will only weight down your hair and make your curls fall out.

#4. You don’t shake out your curls.

Once your hair is cool you still have a final step to get great, long-lasting curls. You have to shake them out or they will look like tight and unnatural. Gently use your fingers to run through your curls to loosen them. Tight ringlets will relax into natural waves with the help of a brush or your fingers.

One great brush to help with this is the Mason Pearson. It’s perfect for helping your curls look natural without brushing out all of the hard work you just put into curling your hair.

Remember, if I see you out and about and you haven’t shaken out your curls I’ll be tempted to do it for you. Don’t go out with sausage curls! You’ve spent a long time curling your hair, so don’t forget the last step to make your hairstyle look fantastic!

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