Epilator Pain vs Waxing Pain – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hair Removal

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If you’re on a quest for smoother skin and hair removal is at the top of your list of priorities, you should know that discovering the differences between epilating and waxing will be helpful. Epilators of the electric type are ultra-modern versions of sugaring and home waxing kits. With an epilator, you’ll pay more upfront to access the device. However, you’ll be able to use it on a host of body parts over the long term.

For this reason, it may be more affordable in the long run. Waxing and epilators often provide excellent results, i.e., skin which is hair-free and silky-smooth. However, one method of hair removal may be more suited to your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Today, we’re going to help you make a wise and informed decision, by sharing information about both types of hair removal.

At-home Hair Removal Facts

Except for home laser removal devices, typical hair removal doesn’t deliver permanent results. So, it’s important to be aware that results from non-laser hair removal processes will be temporary. There are two popular types of home hair removal, epilation, and depilation.

Epilation pulls out each hair by its root and types of epilation processes include waxing, threading, sugaring, epilator usage and tweezing. With depilation, hair removal is at the skin surface, and depilation includes sanding, buffing, shaving and cream depilatory usage.

With epilation, skin stays smooth for a lot longer than it does after depilation. For example, when you choose epilation, you may expect smoothness to last for three to six weeks.

Now, let’s talk about some specific forms of epilation.

Get The Inside Scoop on Waxing

Waxing isn’t new. People have been using this type of epilation process for centuries. The waxing process involves applying beeswax which has been warmed up to the top layer of the skin. The wax is laid down in an even layer which is designed to catch all of the hair. Then, a piece of paper or materials placed on top of the warmed wax. After this, it’s yanked off. Hair comes off with the wax.

When you choose a waxing kit for home usage, you’ll need to spend between twenty-five and seventy-five dollars. If you go to an aesthetics salon, you’ll probably need to spend between twenty and three hundred dollars.

Important Information About Epilators

Epilators similar to razors and designed to use in the same manner. However, electric razors have blades which rotate. With epilators, there are small rows of tweezers which rotate upon the heads of the devices.

If you buy an epilator, you’ll need to charge it as you’d charge up an electric razor. Epilators come with power cords for charging. The rotary style of epilation is standard for at-home usage. How well a device works will depend on its quality and technology. Usually, people pay between forty and one hundred and twenty dollars for rotary epilators.

Proper Usage is Important

Whether you choose to wax or epilate, you’ll find that discomfort may occur, particularly if you don’t do the process properly. The right technique is important, as it will probably result in less pain! Also, your own personal pain tolerance threshold will also be a factor. Some people react more to less discomfort and vice versa!

With rotary and waxing, it’s possible for hair to break off on the skin’s surface, rather than being removed right at the root. When this happens, the skin may become inflamed. If you’re new to epilating, you may need to go over particular areas multiple times to get rid of hair properly. If you’re new to waxing, you may find that it’s hard to get rid of all unwanted hair before you’ve gotten the hang of the perfect technique. Waxing does tend to get a bit messy, and it’s also a challenge to achieve ideal wax consistency. Wax may also be too hot for the skin!

Keep these pitfalls in mind as you decide between these two forms of epilation. Also, be sure to read directions carefully before you try either of them.

Epilation Offers Superb Advantages

If you have stubborn body hair growth and you want the ultimate in smoothness, you will find that epilation’s benefits outweigh its drawbacks. Waxing and sugaring are excellent. However, the most useful option is probably a rotary-style epilator. It’s the key to getting the most smoothness for the longest period.

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