Our Skin Care and Diet Tips Will Give You Radiant Skin in Just 10 Days

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If you want a complexion which is bright and fresh, you will need to follow skin care and diet tips that promote radiant skin. The skin care and diet secrets that we’re going to share today are designed to give you a glowing complexion in only ten days! You’ll find that our tips are fun to follow. You’ll be able to pamper yourself and you’ll know that you’re doing all that you can to get perfect skin!

#1. Prepare Your Complexion

Your complexion will need some time to get ready for this new regimen. So, eat well, wash with a gentle cleanser, tone and moisturize. Then, get ready to put our tips into action. When you’re getting ready to start this new routine, we recommend preparing a few months in advance, by following a three-step skin care system and eating healthy foods that aren’t processed.

#2. Cleanse Your Face Properly

Your facial cleansing routine is going to play a role in how your skin looks. We recommend washing twice daily, as well as after any workouts. Use a gentle soap which is recommended by dermatologists. Rinse with lots of pure, lukewarm water. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.


#3. Get Adequate Rest

The way that we treat our bodies shows up on our faces. This is why we can’t over-stress the importance of getting enough sleep. When you’re sleeping, your skin will begin to repair the damage that has been done to it during the day. For this reason, we think that eight hours of sleep per night is the right amount of beauty sleep.

#4. Learn the Art of Exfoliation

To brighten your complexion in only ten days, you’ll find that learning how to exfoliate is key. We think that exfoliating three times per week is a smart skin-care strategy. When you exfoliate, you’ll remove skin cells which are dead. These dead skin cells dull the surface of the skin. They rob the complexion of vital and beautiful radiance.

You may exfoliate by using a micro-scrub which is formulated for the face. There are also home remedies for exfoliating the face. One great home remedy is adding a little baking soda to a cleanser and then massaging the mixture into your face. Rinse with lukewarm water.

#5. Use Milk as a Cleanser

If you want a natural cleanser, rather than needing to buy a commercial skin care cleanser for the face, you should consider pure and gentle milk. When you cleanse with milk from the grocery store, you’ll give your skin a glossy finish which is really attractive. As well, the vitamins and minerals in milk will help to resolve some common skin issues, such as dark spots, dark circles, and sun damage.

#6. Discover the Power of Facial Steaming

When you learn how to safely and gentle steam your face, you’ll find that you’re discovering a skin care secret which opens up your pores and helps to clarify your complexion. The easiest way to steam is to put a clean towel in water which is hot. Squeeze out the excess H20 and then put the hot towel on your face. Let it sit for fifteen minutes. We recommend lying down and relaxing while the steaming happens. This method is a great way to get debris, dirt, and oil out of your pores.


#7. Drink Water Mixed With Watermelon Juice

To give your skin that “lit from within” glow, you should start drinking water which contains watermelon juice. Water is pure hydration which moisturizes the skin from the inside out. Watermelon juice is also hydrating and it contains an amino acid, Citrulline, which boosts blood circulation. Better blood circulation means rosier cheeks and a brighter skin tone. A bonus of this good skin diet tip is that watermelon juice and water taste great together.

If you want “good skin snacks”, think about lettuce, grapefruit, watermelon which isn’t juiced and broccoli. All are packed with skin-saving nutrients.

#8. Make Home Facial Packs

When you combine lemon juice and sugar, you’ll be able to create a home facial pack treatment which helps you to clear up your skin. Lemon will bleach the skin gently, so it’s a great ingredient for evening skin tone. Sugar exfoliates, just like baking soda does.

Another idea is to use Aloe Vera pulp, in addition to the white of one egg and two teaspoons of powdered milk. Whisk the mixture together and then apply it your face in an even layer. Some people apply this homemade face pack with brushes. Let it dry and then add another coat if you want to. Leave one or two layers on for half an hour and then rinse off the facial pack with warm water. Pat your face dry.

#9. Do A Bit More Exfoliating

Now, it’s time to do some more exfoliating. You should shoot for exfoliation which happens at least twice a week. It’s definitely a sure-fire way to boost radiance. Use the third step in our guide again. Then, tone and moisturize in order to pamper your glowing skin. Witch Hazel is a good natural toner and Olive Oil makes a wonderful and natural moisturizer. Just use whatever you have on hand after you exfoliate.

During this phase, make sure that your water intake is high. Drink water, eat soup and drink juice!

hydrating skin

#10. Hydration is A Skin Care Secret

Now, it’s time for a fruit facial. Use this facial in the morning and evening. Lemon and sugar is one great option. You may be able to find other fruit facial recipes online. Keep drinking lots of H20 and other natural beverages during the day.

All of these steps will boost skin brilliance and firmness, so why not try this simple, natural and effective skin care regimen and diet today?

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