4 Natural Drinks to Help Get Better Sleep

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4 Natural Drinks to Help Get Better SleepIf you want deep and healing rest, you may find that adding the right beverage to your lifestyle is the key to getting the satisfying sleep that you want and need. Without enough sleep, we may not have the mental alertness that we need in order to perform tasks effectively.

As well, inadequate sleep may promote weight gain, by sparking the production of the hormone, cortisol. Overall, sleep is very important and we need to get enough in order to feel and look good.

With this in mind, we’d like to talk about the best beverages to drink for amazing sleep every night!

#1.  Is Cherry Juice Right for You?

cherry juice

Drinking this fragrant, colorful and sweet-tart drink at night may make it simple to fall asleep. Those who work in the evenings should have it in the mornings instead, to help them unwind and fall asleep after their “night owl” shifts!

A clinical study demonstrated that cherry juice’s melatonin content is the secret of its capacity to help people fall asleep. In particular, cherry juice is a good choice for those who suffer from persistent insomnia. Just one cup of this juice, two times per day, may help insomnia sufferers to ease their symptoms and get a deep sleep that they crave. However, cherry juice definitely isn’t the only option!

#2. Chamomile Tea is Another Great Choice

For centuries, men and women have been relying on soothing, aromatic and gentle Chamomile Tea in order to relieve sleeplessness. This tea is easy to find in grocery stores and health food stores and it’s inexpensive, too. Just brew a cup or a pot of Chamomile Tea in order to enjoy its sleep-boosting benefits! It’s best to drink it about ninety minutes before you to go to bed. It’s a time-honored way to make sleep restful. Some people add a bit of honey, while others drink it straight up.

So, what’s the secret of the effectiveness of Chamomile Tea? Well, it contains a compound known as Apigenin, which inhibits locomotor activity. As well, this tea contains coumarins, mucilages, and Flavonoids which calm the body and promote deep and healing rest.

#3. Milk is a Nutritious Sleep Aid

drinking a glass of milk

Milk is another classic beverage which is known for its ability to promote better sleep. When you drink it an hour and a half before bed, you’ll find that it makes it easier for you to fall asleep, unless you are intolerant to lactose. Some people warm up the milk, while others drink it cold. Milk works because it contains an amino acid which is essential, known as L-tryptophan.

#4. Pure Water Will Work Wonders

In addition to the three beneficial, sleep-inducing drinks that we’ve just talked about, you should make an effort to drink six to eight, 8-ounce glasses of pure water every day! Your body needs this much water in order to function properly and a lot of people just don’t drink enough! When you get in the habit of being more mindful about hydration, you may find that sleep comes more easily!

Combine proper daily hydration with water with the other beverages we’ve talked about here. Then, you’ll have the ideal routine for good sleep.

What Not to Drink

We’ve named three beverages which really help! However, it’s also important to know what to stay away from. In terms of drinks which tend to negatively impact sleep quality, or make it really hard to fall asleep, coffee is one to avoid. If you must, have a cup each morning and then stop there! People who have trouble sleeping may benefit from giving up coffee entirely and staying away from other drinks which contain caffeine, such as diet colas and certain teas. A decaf is an option!

coffee at bed time

As well, alcohol does not promote good sleep. It’s hard to the body, it’s dehydrating and it’s going to make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you’re used to having some beer, wine or cocktails on a regular basis, and you’re not sleeping well as a rule, then choosing to abstain from booze may be one of the secrets to accessing good sleep which promotes good health and mental alertness.

Try Our Tips Today

We believe that the three beverages on our list are extremely helpful. As well, all are easy to find at grocery stores and none of the three are too expensive. They are practical ways to get hydration as you also improve sleep quality. As long as you get enough pure water, too, you will find that it’s possible to improve your sleep quality fast, just by adding these drinks to your lifestyle.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a bundle on costly supplements in order to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. You can get great results just by drinking cherry juice, Chamomile Tea or milk! So, why not try our tips today?

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