Easy Hair Hacks to Create the Perfect Plait

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Getting great hair is easy if you know a few tricks to help you speed up the process. You won’t have to spend a long time in the bathroom getting ready for your day if you follow one of these tips to get great hair fast!

#1. Use hot rollers to create big volume

Curling irons are a great way to get curls and some volume, but if you want a full, bouncy look that starts at your roots then you need to use hot rollers. To make sure that your hair holds the style you want, spritz hairspray a few times while it’s setting and your volume will stay all day.

#2. Make your braid look instantly thicker

If your braid is looking a little thin you can easily pull on it to give it some more body. Another way to easily add volume to your braid is to braid a small section of hair, pull it into a loose braid, then use it to braid into a larger one. You’ll achieve a hip textured look with very little effort.

#3. Tape extensions

A lot of people wish that they had longer and thicker braids, and now you can get the perfect look by using tape extensions.

#4. Neat vs messy

A prim and perfect look calls for a neat braid that’s been slicked back, with every hair in place. If you are going for a casual look, make sure to braid a little messy. Add powder to your braid then give it some tugs along its length.

#5. Long-lasting braids

Messy hair is hot right now but doesn’t always stay in place. For long-lasting looks try the halo braid or fishtail that will hold your hair all day. When you take your hair out you’ll have the added bonus of wavy hair to enjoy.

#6. Make plain braids fun

Try using colorful bands to pep up a multi-braid style or a clear tie on a bun. Fresh flowers look great in a braided chignon and will update the look instantly.

#7. Dirty hair

Dirty hair will hold a braid perfectly. If you have clean hair, try using a texture spray or volume powder. And as always, dry shampoo is dirty hair’s best friend!

#8. Braids are interesting

Braid your ponytail and twist into a bun or topknot for a most interesting style.

#9. Use the right comb

Fine-tooth combs do a better job of teasing your hair when you are braiding it. Backcomb your crown to add volume if necessary.

#10. Last resort: twisting

If you are having trouble getting your hair to look great in a braid, simply try twisting it instead. It’s a similar look but not as difficult.

#11. Fight frizz

A drop of baby oil or hair products designed for frizzy hair will keep your hair smooth and neat. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is another way to ensure great hair when you wake up.

These are some easy ways to make braiding your hair fun and easy! Go try one out today!

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