5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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It’s that time of year again. When you reflect on the year that’s behind you. It’s also the time when you resolve to do better in the year ahead. A new year is exciting because, in a lot of ways, it feels like a fresh new start and a reset.

One of the most common ways to celebrate a new beginning involves making New Year’s resolutions. Granted, New Year’s Resolutions can be understandably difficult to maintain. However, just let your approach to each resolution be a little different this year.

When you approach your resolutions from a different mindset, you’re more likely to keep them. Take a look at a few of the most common resolutions moms make. These five may be on your resolution list. If not all five, at least one is on the list. Check out these examples of how to change the way you view and accomplish your resolutions for the New Year.


1. Lose weight.

Most moms have that five or ten pounds they’d love to lose. Whether it’s more than that, it’ll take a level of commitment beyond the first week of January.

Try to tap into the real reasons you’d like to lose weight. Is it because you’d like to keep up with your children? Perhaps you’d like to feel good in a bikini during the summer months.

Whatever the reason is, try to keep that in the front of your mind. Furthermore, losing weight isn’t about being in the gym every single day. 70% of weight loss involves what you eat.

2. Exercise.

If you’re not currently a gym rat, don’t make a vow to yourself to be in the gym every day. Find ways to easily exercise at home first. Better yet, try to find activities that you enjoy doing. This will help motivate you when you find something you love to do.

For example, if you love to dance, find a great Zumba class you can attend once or twice a week. This is an easy entryway into getting active again. If you’re short on time, try going for a walk for 30 minutes before sunset. You’ll get at least 5,000 steps in. Walking is also easy and free!

3. Save money.

When it comes to saving money, you’ve got to have an why factor. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, you’ll fall off.

When it comes to saving money, it’s wise to have an accountability partner. Ask someone to help you who you know will be diligent with you. In the beginning, you might feel like you’re dealing with a babysitter, but it’ll be worth it.

You’ll feel really good when you see all those zeros in your savings account.

4. Eat healthier (and cut down on coffee).

With each meal, start making better choices. It’s also wise to make them gradual choices. Start in January by opting for Meatless Mondays.

You can try a smoothie as a meal replacement every day. Start cleaning up your diet with small changes and work your way into a lifestyle that’s conducive to weight loss.

Look for different alternatives to wean yourself off of coffee. Yerba Mate tea is a healthier caffeinated beverage that gives just as much energy as coffee. Drinking lots of water and getting more rest will help you cut down on coffee as well.

5. Stop procrastinating.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. For some reason, it’s so easy to waste at least half of them. Besides, once you’ve dealt with all the kids, the first thing you might want to do is relax and hop on social media.

It’s time to make a shift so you can get more goals accomplished in the New Year. The key to avoiding procrastination involves gradual steps.

Don’t start the time blocking method on your entire day. You may need to start small and focus on tasks in ten-minute increments. Set the timer on your phone for ten or twenty minutes.

During that time, don’t look at anything but the task in front of you. Before long, you’ll be able to breeze through tons of tasks with laser focus.

Don’t pile on more than you can bear. Take it in small, bite-sized steps and before long, you’ll achieve all of your New Year’s resolutions!

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