4 Great Ways You Can Add Instant Volume To Your Hair!

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Looking for more volume in your hair? You’re not alone! Millions of women struggle every day to add more to rather flat hair. Whether it is genetics or the weather, even the best hair can sometimes underperform. If you find yourself struggling for solutions then listen up! Below we explore 4 great ways you can add instant volume to your hair.

Having struggled with limp hair for most of my life, I’ve struggled to find ways to add volume. While there are hundreds of suggestions offered online, few actually result in any kind of change. A big reason I found for these issues has to deal with density vs. texture.

Density has to do with the number of hairs on your head. Some girls have super thick hair that has a high density and little problem with volume. At the same time, they tend to struggle more with basic maintenance.

Even if you have thin, low-density hair, there are still options available to you. Below we go into the various ways I’ve gotten my hair to no longer be glued to the side of my head and instead stick out full and luminous. Focusing on texture, there are a lot of ways used by professionals to create the look you are hoping for. Let’s begin!

#1. Try Out Different Kinds of Shampoo That Focus On Volume Building

Shampoo can be tricky, especially when it comes to building volume. A lot of people report shampoos not being helpful. It is my personal experience that it all comes down to getting the right shampoo for your hair. Volume building shampoo can be specific to your physiology.

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You will need to explore several different brands before arriving at a keeper. Consider sticking with translucent or even clear products, as they will create a better and less greasy final result.

Two things to consider with volume building shampoo is whether it is color safe and what conditioner you should use. If you are trying to keep a color, you can usually find a color safe volume adding shampoo on the market.

It may take some time, but user reviews are the best ways to scout out products before purchase. Also, know that conditioner can undo some of the volume effects of the shampoo. Consider applying a smaller amount and focus on the parts of your hair away from the scalp. That way you don’t reduce the natural lift that most volume shampoos provide.

#2. Consider Crimping Roots

Crimping roots is when you focus on the under-layers of your hair close to where your scalp is located. Originally popular during the wild hair days of the 80’s, he technique is coming back into fashion with a more updated approach.

In particular, only crimp the roots of your hair. This helps to add more dynamic texture that adds fullness to your hair without damaging it too much. It keeps your hair feeling smooth and wonderful.

Crimping offers a natural look and it only takes a couple of minutes to do. The rest of your hair will do a good job helping to hide the crimp from even observant eyes. With such an easy technique, what’s not to love?

#3. Have You Considered Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers can add waves to your hair without the use of a clunky curling iron. While they may have fallen out of fashion, they are still really useful. Just figure out the direction you will want to wave and then roll away from the face. Misting each section before you roll can help the volume last hours longer.

hot rollers for thick hair

#4. Invert Your Blow Drying

Go against common sense and consider blow-drying your hair upside down. By flipping your head upside down, your roots begin pulling away from your scalp as they dry. Exactly what you want, the technique is a simple way to provide root volume and make your hair more dynamic without much effort.

You can even finish the process off with a straight iron to create a straight and neat look that doesn’t lack volume.

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