Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Kit

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Our Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup Kit review will help you to get the inside scoop on this popular kit and all of its features, pros, and cons.

We love makeup and feel airbrushing is the best way to get the celebrity makeup look at home, without needing to hire a professional makeup artist.

When you use this kit, which comes with a lot of makeup and a high-quality airbrush/compressor system, you’ll access plenty of value for its mid-range price tag. As well, you’ll find that airbrushing your makeup is fun and creative.

Do your face and use your system on friends and family. It’s the secret of getting a superb finish in seconds.


Pros and Cons Of This System

If you want perfect makeup which gives your complexion a flawless look, you’ll find that this kit delivers.

When you use it, you’ll get a natural and beautiful finish which hides your imperfections, without the cakey, mask-y look!

Cover up all kind of flaws, including blemishes, photo-aging, ruddiness and uneven skin tone. The makeup included in this kit is free of fragrance, Parabens, artificial pigments and silicone. It’s also free of mineral oil, which is known to trigger breakouts in some people.

Also, the airbrush and compressor are of excellent quality. The system will allow you to apply a very fine mist of makeup and the compressor is adjustable, so you’ll be able to select the level of pressure which is right for you. The compressor features a 12-month warranty.

Regarding cons, some people reported clogging problems with the airbrush.

Others received defective airbrushes and had to access replacements via their warranties.

However, these types of complaints were relatively rare. For most people, the kit works just as it should.

Useful Features of This System

You’ll get a lot in return when you order this kit. It includes a lot more makeup than you’ll be likely to receive if you order another make and model of the system!

Also, the compressor runs quietly, so it won’t annoy with a lot of noisiness while it’s in operation.

It’s a double-action airbrush which will allow you to access a superb level of control.

Also, the makeup products included are water-based, ideal for skin and very pure. They come in shades which are designed to match real skin tones.

Also, the makeup in the kit lasts for a long time, due to its high level of pigmentation. You’ll only need to add several drops to the airbrush kit to cover your whole face.

This kit is safe for every skin type, and it comes with sixteen foundations, six blushes, one highlighter, one bronzer and the airbrush, compressor, and hose.

As well, instructions will be included. Its voltage is designed for North American users.

Which Is the Kit Right For Me?

You should be someone who loves makeup. You’ll need to learn how to use the kit when you receive it, and you’ll need to experiment with different makeup shades and products to find out which colors and formulations are right for you.

If you do love makeup, you’ll be dazzled by all of the shades and products that come with this kit. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store!

If you don’t love makeup, you may not have the passion for learning and experimenting. Also, some women who have a lot of wrinkles find that all airbrushing makeup kits tend to emphasize their lines.

They may be better of with other forms of makeup application. Airbrushing hides a ton of other imperfections, but makeup may settle in wrinkles and make them look worse.

We Love This Practical Kit

This kit is awesome because it includes more makeup than any other airbrushing makeup kit that we’ve seen!

Since we love makeup and like to experiment, we think that getting a lot of makeup with a kit is excellent, rather than receiving three bottles of makeup or something like that.

Also, the airbrush works well, although it may not be of as high quality as some pricier airbrushes. It gets the job done and gives a picture-perfect finish.

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