Art of Air Professional Airbrush System

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Get a Professional Makeup Finish with the Art of Air Professional Airbrush System

The Art of Air Professional Airbrush System is more affordable than many airbrush systems out there and this is just one of the reasons why it’s the number one best-selling makeup airbrush system at If you want a pro-quality finish, you’ll find that using this system is the key to getting flawless results which really last.

Whether you’re new to airbrushed makeup or an old hand, you’ll discover that using this kit is easy and that everything which you need to get started is included. Our Art of Air Professional Airbrush System is designed to help you learn everything that you need to know about this system!

First, let’s take a look at the key pros and cons of this popular Air of Air system…

Quick Pros and Cons


  • Affordable (mid-range price tag)
  • High-quality airbrush/compressor system
  • Attractive kit comes with shiny black carrying case
  • Six bottles of foundation are included
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Includes blush, shimmer, anti-aging primer and bronzer


  • You’ll need to clean the airbrush fairly frequently, but this is easy to do
  • The foundation and application process may highlight wrinkles, so it’s not right for everyone

This best-selling system does perform well for most women who use it. In fact, they absolutely love it and they rely on it daily in order to get a smooth and flawless skin look. While the system does get a few “pans”, it’s generally beloved and this is why so many people buy it. After you try it, you’ll see why it’s changing women’s lives for the better. Of course, guys may use it, too!

Useful Features of This System

This kit is comprehensive, so you won’t need to buy anything else in order to start airbrushing your makeup. When you order this popular system, you’ll receive an airbrush which is just the right size and shape for makeup application, as well as a compressor. In addition, you’ll receive a six-piece foundation set which features a great mixture of Fair and Medium shades. As well, the carrying case will make it very easy to tote your system from place to place and to store it while you’re not using it.

Why It Might Not Be Right Product for the Buyer

If you have a lot of wrinkles, you may want to consider another method of foundation application, such as using a brush or sponge to add foundation to non-wrinkled areas. A few women who do have wrinkles have complained that this airbrush system’s foundations tend to spotlight their wrinkles, instead of hiding them. Every woman who’s bought the kit and has wrinkles hasn’t had this experience, but a few have definitely complained about it via their online reviews.

So, this kit may be best for those who are a bit younger or who are lucky enough to have very few wrinkles as they age.

Also, you should be into makeup if you’re going to buy this kit. It’s for the makeup connoisseur who wants flawless, lightweight coverage, day in and day out. It’s for beauty junkies who want the type of makeup perfection that they see on Hollywood’s red carpets and in fashion magazine layouts.

This System is So Easy to Recommend

When something is the number one best-seller at a huge online emporium, it is delivering for customers. This is why it’s so easy to recommend this highly-rated system. It’s quite affordable, it comes with everything which is needed and it’s easy to use.

After you try it, you may wonder how you ever got along without it. It’s very popular because it gives a dewy, fresh and flawless finish which lasts all day long. When you invest in this system, you’ll be able to avoid the usual touch-ups and you’ll be so confident because you will know that you have perfect makeup which just won’t quit.

Long-lasting, flawless makeup will be yours to enjoy. As well, you’ll find that it’s easy to stock up on foundation and other airbrush makeup from Art of Air when you run out. When you choose this system, you’ll get celebrity makeup results from home and you’ll find that you’re able to master the art of makeup airbrushing in no time flat.

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