Discover the Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for Home and Travel

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Choosing a makeup mirror will help you to look your best while you’re on the road. Today, we’d like to share information about the best makeup mirrors for travel. Our comprehensive buyer’s guide will help you to find the perfect lighted makeup mirror for your tastes and budget!

Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors


Many styles are available, and you’ll find that using our guide is the key to accessing a perfect match. There are quite a few variables to consider, and we’d like to start off our buyer’s guide by letting you know what to think about before you make a purchase.

Size and weight

Some people want makeup mirrors for travel which are more substantial, while others prefer lighter mirrors which are easier to tote around. When you’re comparing styles, you’ll benefit from looking at product weights.

Compare them to see whether or not mirrors are light, heavy or mid-weight. Most styles range between just over one pound to one and a half pounds. You’ll find variety regarding weight, but these are general weight ranges for most designs of this type.


Magnification levels also vary from travel mirror to travel mirror. Some styles feature magnification of five times, while others have a magnification of ten times. How much magnification to choose varies from person to person. Some people want the full ten times so that they can see everything, including individual pores if those pores are visible upon the skin’s surface.

Other people don’t want to see themselves that close-up! For buyers who want a clear and crisp reflection, without super-magnification, five times is probably just right. If you want mid-range magnification, you’ll find that some styles provide seven times magnification.


Another factor to consider before you buy is distortion. When you want low distortion or distortion-free glass, you’ll find that even the smallest surface area offers an amazingly clear view.

Lighting source

Some travel mirrors don’t have lights. Others do have light sources and LED bulbs/systems typically power these. While lighted mirrors for travel may cost a bit more, they are very useful. They make it easy to do makeup touch-ups in a range of environments, such as dimly-lit taxis in the evening or darker hotel rooms. AAA batteries usually power lighted mirrors.


Durability is also something important to consider. Your travel mirror should be rugged enough to withstand quite a bit of abuse. Luckily, most mirrors of this type are built to be strong. For example, most travel mirrors are shatterproof glass, which means that you can usually drop them without a problem. Look for the best materials for durability. You should be able to find a style which is virtually indestructible.


Battery-powered lighted travel mirrors are quite standard. If you use rechargeable batteries to power up your mirror, you’ll find that running the mirror is very affordable. Usually, the bulbs in these designs don’t require replacing.


Prices will vary a lot. You shouldn’t have to spend too much to get a high-quality travel mirror. However, some people want more designer features than others. It’s possible to get lightweight mirrors which are smaller for well under ten dollars. Styles which are bigger and more elaborate usually retail for twenty bucks and up. The fanciest styles may retail for significantly more.

#1. – Floxite 10x plus 1x Lighted Folding Vanity & Travel Mirror

If you want a travel mirror which makes grooming easy in any locale, you’ll love this vanity mirror. It’s a two-sided design which features 10x magnification, as well as crisp and bright, LED lighting. LED light bulbs run for a very long time without burning out, so you’ll find that this lighted mirror is very low-maintenance. Use it with or without its cord. This mirror has distortion-free glass, so you’ll see your face exactly how you look.

The glass is surrounded by ten white light emitting diodes (LEDs) per side. This mirror rotates and has strong magnification on a single side. This design requires four AA batteries. An AC adapter can be used.


  • LED lighting in bright white
  • affordable
  • rotating design
  • magnification 10x on one side
  • foldable
  • portable
  • distortion-free glass


  • needs batteries or adapter
  • not as stylish as some travel mirrors
  • light may not be strong enough for some users

#2. – Bukm Tri-Fold Lighted Led Mirror

This LED mirror offers bright and direct light and it has a unique, tri-fold design. It’s portable, as its size makes it a good fit for handbags, so it’s a fine choice for people on the go. You’ll be able to see every bit of your face in this mirror, and it’s an ideal choice for makeup application, as its side mirrors make things like contouring very simple.

This design comes with eight LED lights shaped like hearts. Four flanks each side. The mirror has a plastic outside which is thick and strong enough to be durable.


  • Inexpensive
  • Practical, especially for putting on makeup
  • Folding style which fits into most handbags
  • Attractive pink plastic outside which is sturdy
  • runs on button batteries which are affordable
  • Props up for usage on a vanity table or other hard surface


  • Not as fancy as some round travel mirrors
  • Some customers like the folding design and others don’t
  • smaller than some people expected

#3. – Spaire Makeup Mirror

This mirror is attractive, affordable and feature-packed. It comes with 7X magnification for a clear view which makes grooming easy. The flip side of this dual-sided mirror features a normal, non-magnified mirror.

You’ll find that this design is ideal for general grooming, as well as detail work, such as tweezing and false eyelash application. As well, it has LED lights all around it, so it’s ideal for usage in dark spaces. This mirror swivels and its lights run on three AAA batteries. Its base has a non-slip mat, so it remains stable.


  • Attractive design
  • Low price
  • LED lights around rim
  • magnification 7X
  • non-slip mat on base
  • dual-sided


  • modern design which some may find too different
  • not as many features as some high-end mirrors
  • requires batteries

#4. – Kokome Tri-Fold Lighted Led Mirror

This mirror is an excellent choice for travelers! It’s so portable, with a foldable design that allows you to see your whole face. As well, this style is ideal for those who love to apply contour makeup, as the side mirrors make visibility from every angle easy to access.

This single mirror lights up, and its LED lights have a beautiful heart shape. You’ll find four of them on each side. This mirror may be angled, and it comes with a stand to hold it upright. The mirror requires a couple of button batteries, which come with the design. This mirror is compact enough for most purses.


  • really affordable
  • fits in most purses
  • ideal for contour makeup application
  • super-portable
  • Comes with LED lighting
  • lights are heart-shaped and cute


  • Requires two button batteries
  • A bit small for some people’s tastes
  • Isn’t dual-sided

#5. – MIRRORVANA 7 Inch Vanity Makeup Mirror

This Mirrorvana design measures seven inches, and it is intended to be very rugged. It’s a well-balanced mirror which is easy to use in a variety of places. This mirror has two sides, and it’s a great all-purpose mirror for makeup application, makeup touch-ups, flossing and general grooming.

You’ll find that it offers ten times magnification, so it will be easy to see every detail up close. Portable and attractive, this mirror has a detachable base, so you’ll be able to use it handheld-style or add the base for hands-free performance. This mirror is sent out in attractive packaging. This appealing packaging makes it a great gift idea.


  • attractive
  • detachable base
  • affordable
  • beautiful packaging
  • trusted brand
  • 10x magnification
  • professional-grade mirror


  • one customer found magnification too high
  • not as fancy as some high-end models
  • the user must attach the base

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