4 Delicious Foods For Burning Belly Fat

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There are millions of health books and recipes out there all trying to tell you the same thing. Buy this or do that, eat this eat that, and you will lose weight. More often than not these either don’t work or have very minimal effect on a lot of effort.

On top of that, there are so many fitness routines always being thrown at you with targets measured in ridiculous ways like ‘how many steps did you take today?’

The truth is, actually weight loss can be a much simpler and more natural process. Instead of always working against our bodies, we can cooperate with them. We can use our bodies natural rhythms to our advantage and lose weight in a more productive and healthy way.

One of the main reasons we can put on so much weight is due to our body clocks not working properly due to lack of sleep.

Why is sleep so important you may ask? Well if you don’t sleep properly, then your energy levels are lower than they should be and your mood won’t be so great, increasing your chances of overeating

This disruption in our body clocks happens because some of the foods we consume send our bodies an irrational amount of hunger hormones. These hormones disrupt natural flow, ruining our eating and sleeping habits as well as lowering our moods.

We’re going to show you some foods that can help you get your body clock back on track.

#1. Cherries

red cherries

Specifically, Montmorency cherries, are a high source of melatonin, a sleep hormone which can help you get a better nights rest. If you can, have a few before you go to bed to help with your sleep cycle. Montmorency cherries also have been shown to have high antioxidants which can aid in losing that weight.

#2. Nuts

pistachios nuts

Nuts are also incredibly good at helping you get to sleep. Research has shown that due to the abundant amounts of magnesium in nuts over a period of several weeks your sleep will improve which can lead to less overeating.

Other benefits include magnesium improving people’s moods and also reducing the possibility of women developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimers.

#3. Fish


Omega-3 is something you have probably heard of but are not quite sure what all the benefits include.

Well, omega-3 can be found in many fish and not only one of the healthiest things you can consume but also helps your body produce that all important melatonin naturally so you can get more from your sleep.

Sadly many people suffer from an omega-3 deficiency and don’t sleep enough, which can lead to a midnight snack or two. Another plus of omega-3 includes a lower chance of developing dementia and improving the health of your heart.

Another of fish contains protein. Protein can put a stop to your appetite; research has shown. On top of this, your body burns off more calories digesting protein than fats or carbohydrates.

#4. Milk


Can be a surprising savior. Many of us are told to lay off drinking milk as we become adults or at least drink less of it.

However, hold that thought, because research conducted in 2010 of pre-menopausal women suggests that consuming foods which are rich in calcium can drastically reduce the amount of intra-abdominal fat hidden amongst your internal organs.

Intra-abdominal fat has been linked to increased chances of developing cancer and heart disease.

Medical studies have also shown a reduction in muscle soreness. So if you’re someone who has trouble sleeping due to an achy feeling you can also drink milk to relax your muscles.

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