How to Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

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Are you applying your eyeliner correctly? Chances are you are missing out on some simple tips that will make applying eyeliner way simpler. Whether you are just starting or you are an eyeliner junkie, you may find a new way to approach your old beauty routine.

#1. Create a Softer Look By Using An Angled Brush To Apply Eye Shadow

Liquid eyeliner can sometimes be too powerful. If you want something a little subtler then we suggest using powder eyeliner for fantastic cat eyes.

#2. Consider Using Mascara Instead

Want to save a bunch of time? Consider putting down the eyeliner and going for the mascara instead. Start by adding several coats of mascara onto your eyelashes. Press and hold the wand against the root of the eyelash. Be sure not to wiggle around the wand at all or this will smear the effect. The end result will be an effect very similar to eyeliner that only used mascara.

#3. A Quick Smokey Eyes Trick

Want fantastic looking smoky eyes with little effort? Begin by using a typical liquid eyeliner. After it is applied, take out a creamy bronze and blend the edge of the eyeliner with a swipe. In less than two minutes you can get a fantastic look.

#4. Consider a 2 Part Approach

Liquid or pencil? Why not use both. Begin by applying pencil liner to your eyes and then follow it up with liquid eyeliner. The pencil acts as a sort of guide, filling in the majority of what you need and creating a simple way to fill in the rest. You can blend the pencil liner edges to create a smokier look.

#5. Use A Pencil For Tracing Cat Eyes

Similar to #4, you can save a lot of time tracing the perfect cat eyes by first going over it with a light brown pencil. Doing so will let you work out the details before finally committing to a darker liquid eyeliner. With the shape in place, you will shave minutes off of your morning routine.

#6. Transfer skills to Glitter

Glitter can be pretty overwhelming. However, using the technique in #5 can help you to trace out where you will place it before you commit.

#7. Achieve Cat Eye Another Way

Instead of the typical technique, consider lining your lower lash instead. By focusing on your lower lash, you can achieve the same look but in a different way, opening up, even more, options to explore. While the look is amazing, it will take some time to get down if you haven’t already been trying it.

#8. Match Liner to Shadow

A fantastic modern look including matching your eye shadow with your eyeliner. Not only do you get something that provides the definition, but also you show off a style that goes well beyond the classic black.

#9. Reconsider How You Apply

It is common to stand in front of a mirror and apply eyeliner with your arm in the air. However, if you put your arm on a table then you will have far more control over your hands. This will dramatically reduce mistakes and leave you with more time in your morning routine.

#10. Use Shadow Primer

A shadow primer provides you with stability both when you are applying your eyeliner as well as throughout your day. It helps to reduce the oil look and stops it from breaking down as your day goes by.

#11. Consider Thin Lines

Eyeliner doesn’t always have to be thick. With a bit of work, you can create a thin line by running it over your lash line. Like with most skills, this will require a lot of practice to get right.

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