How to Repair Hair Damaged by a Flat Iron

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Flat irons give us the ability to get our tresses sleek and smooth in no time flat! However, they give off a lot of heat and this means that they frequently damage our hair. Today, we want to share some practical tips which will help you to repair hair damaged by a flat iron.

Once you’ve discovered our tips and put them into action, you’ll be able to anticipate fewer “bad hair days”!

#1. Buy a Better Flat Iron

Cheap flat irons tend to do the most damage. The best hair straighteners may cost more, but they are worth it because they get rave reviews. The good reviews come because great flat irons minimize hair damage or eliminate it entirely.

In particular, if you’ve been using a flat iron for five years or more, it’s time for a replacement. Technology has moved forward and the best ceramic styles will be gentler on your hair. As well, after five years, a flat iron’s temperature gauge will typically begin to malfunction, which means that you may fry your hair unintentionally.

#2. Use the Right Shampoo

Adding moisture is what it’s all about, so go for a moisturizing shampoo which pampers every single strand! It’s best to choose a shampoo formula which puts back the moisture that flat irons take away. We recommend formulas that contain a combination of UVA/UVB protectors, antioxidants, ceramides, and nutrients.

#3. Pamper Your Hair with a Rich Conditioner

The next step is babying your locks with a rich conditioner. Look for a formula which is protein-based, as it will “fill in the cracks” along the cuticle of each strand. This will give your hair a smoother look and help to tame flyaways.

#4. Don’t Use a Flat Iron on Damp Hair

Your hair should be totally dry before you begin to straighten it with a ceramic flat iron. To get it dry, towel it a bit and then let it dry naturally, or accelerate the process by utilizing a blow dryer. Using a flat iron on damp hair is a bad idea, as the heat from the device may cause the water on your hair to boil up. This may trigger some serious hair damage!

#5. Use a Thermal Protective Spray

Another thing that you should do before you flat iron is investing in a serum or styling spray which features Dimethicone. Add the product to your hair right before you flat iron. Dimethicone will melt as it is heated up by a flat iron and it will create a barrier which is super-protective!

#6. Consider a Different Hairstyle

Occasional flat ironing shouldn’t be too damaging. It’s doing it all for the time that tends to trigger the dryness and frizz. If you’re really having problems, you might want to think about embracing a wavier or curlier style. Fighting your hair’s texture is tough and it just isn’t necessary.

Ask a good hairstylist to recommend a hairstyle which works with the hair texture that you born with. It will make your life easier!

#7. How to Get Started

Flat irons wreak havoc with the outer layer of our hair. This means that the outer layer of hair won’t retain as much moisture. In other words, using a flat iron regularly will dry out your hair and this may lead to breakage and frizz. Also, hair may take on a duller appearance.

To care for flat-ironed hair, get it trimmed on a regular basis. Trimming away split ends will ensure that your hair looks healthier. When ends become split, the damage tends to move up the hair shaft. This is why regular trims provide so many hair-saving benefits.

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