Access Picture Perfect Makeup Results with the Temptu S One Premier

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Access Picture Perfect Makeup Results with the Temptu S One Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit

Today, we’d like to share a Temptu S One Premier Airbrush Makeup Kit review which is designed to give you all of the hard facts about this traditional, high-end airbrush makeup system.

When you choose the Temptu S, you may access professional-quality results quickly.

This kit is perfect for home usage, and it’s also a great addition to a beauty salon where professional makeup application is a service.

Without further ado, let’s talk about everything that this highly-rated airbrush makeup system has to offer.

Quick Pros and Cons of This Model


  • System is suitable for light body work and beauty purposes
  • Durable, so it’s fine for home usage and professional usage in salons
  • Comes with a PSI regulator which is built-in
  • Features dual-action technology
  • Convenient push and pull trigger
  • Comes with a 12-pack of foundation
  • Includes a handy cleaning kit


  • Its pro quality makes it more expensive
  • Foundation bottles only feature a quarter-ounce of product

As you can see, this kit does provide a lot of pros, versus just a couple of cons. It’s a high-end, designer model, so you’ll find that you need to spend more to purchase it. However, it’s salon-quality features do make it a substantial investment.

Useful Features Of This Airbrush System

This kit comes from a trusted brand name, so you’ll be investing in an airbrush system from a firm with a proven track record.

The kit has been designed to offer the ideal blend of precision and power. As well, it includes enough foundation shades to suit all skin tones.

Perfect for makeup artists who are just starting out, this kit includes a compressor of the S-One type.

The compressor is light in weight, and it’s very portable. It features a sleek design which is very attractive.

Despite its compact size, it offers plenty of power. The kit weighs only five pounds, and it’s just the right size for a vanity table, bathroom counter or salon workstation.

Why It Might Not Be Right Product for the Buyer

There are systems for home usage which cost quite a bit less and get great reviews. That’s why we think this system is probably best for aspiring makeup artists who are building pro-quality workstations at salons.

It’s a reliable seller, despite the higher price tag. The beauty business is booming, and it’s safe to say that a lot of aspiring makeup artists choose this Temptu kit in order to get going with their new careers.

Airbrush makeup is a trend that allows for a perfect finish. As well, makeup which is airbrushed on in a light, an even layer has incredible staying power.

It lasts and lasts, with no touch-up required, so it does meet the needs of even the most discerning beauty salon customers.

At present, this system is the number eighteen best seller at Amazon, within the Beauty & Personal Care category.

Clearly, this system delivers for most who buy it. Also, it has a sleek, silver-tone design which is very attractive, fresh and modern!

One thing to be aware of is that a lot of women with wrinkles tend to avoid airbrush makeup kits.

They find that makeup applied in this manner highlights fine or prominent lines.

So, this kit may not be right for women who do have wrinkles that they wish to minimize.

This System Provides Pro Results

If you’re a makeup connoisseur and want pro-level results from home, you may find that spending a bit more to access the Temptu S is smart.

If you’re interested in making it in the beauty industry, by applying makeup for clients, then this kit is just what you need.

It’s well-made and durable and has all of the features and makeup shades that you’ll need.

We do recommend this system. It’s created by a brand with a trusted name, and it’s designed to offer the best makeup application results.

You may need to spend a bit of time learning how to use this system. However, the included airbrush does offer users so much control.

As well, you’ll find that full instructions are included with your purchase.

Once you’ve mastered makeup airbrushing, you’ll be ready to move forward and do flawless makeup for yourself or your customers.

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