6 Mistakes to Avoid While Straightening Your Hair

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Every day women are committing sins against their hair when using straighteners. Almost every lady will have tried to straighten their hair, some with success and others … well, not so much success. Of course, straightening can make the hair poker straight and appear to have a mirror finish, but during the whole procedure, the hair can become damaged beyond repair.

This is why it’s so important to ensure that you avoid these following mistakes so that you can keep your hair in the best possible condition. There is nothing more horrifying to a woman than running a brush through her hair and hearing it rip and snap.

Read on below to find out what to avoid if perfect locks are your target.

#1. – Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

All too often women the world over are failing to rinse their shampoo and conditioner out of their hair properly. A good shampoo and condition are important in the battle to keeping your locks strong and shiny, but leaving the product on your hair and then following that with a pair of straighteners is going to cause you some serious damage.

If you see smoke coming from your hair then get your head back under the shower and rinse until your hair is squeaky clean. Product residues can burn quickly causing your hair to melt! Singed ends are never an attractive look.

#2. Using the wrong blow-dryer or straighteners


When using heated instruments on your hair, you need to be able to adjust the temperature accordingly. If you can’t control the temperature then chance are that your hair is being cooked from the inside out and unseen damage is occurring every day. You need to be able to control the heat settings to prevent damage, and if you can’t … bin them and buy new.

#3. Working in clumps

You may think it saves time by straightening large sections or clumps. But the larger the section the longer you need to hold heat on it for it to work. This results in the outer hairs being fried while the inner hairs receive little to no heat. Work in smaller, finer sections for even heat distribution and minimal damage to the hair.

#4. Not following your hairs flow


Try to follow the flow of your hair when using heat. Going against the hairs natural direction can cause some serious frizz which can only lead to easy breakage of the hair strand. Think about it, if you blow-dry your hair in the same direction that it naturally flows you end up with shinier, smoother hair.

Now take that same dryer and blow it up and back and you end up looking like a wild-woman of Alaska. Downwards drying will give you a better finish and minimize damage.

#5. Avoiding combing

For the best straightening experience, employ the use of a comb during the use of a straightener. A wide toothed comb will help your hair be straightened evenly and help prevent tangles. It also helps the hair flow smoothly through the straightening irons and creates a wonderful shine.

#6. Avoiding overnight hair wraps

To prolong the effects of your straightened hair you should practice performing a nightly hair wrap. Simply comb through your hair and wrap it around your head in sections and then secure it with some bobby pins. Then wrap your head with a silk scarf to prevent the friction of your head on the pillow at night from turning your hair into a frizzy and wiry mess.

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