4 Amazing Flat Iron Hairstyles for Any Hair Type

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Flat irons do a lot more than straighten! It’s possible to create some amazing and flattering styles with a high-quality ceramic flat iron. If you don’t have a ceramic flat iron right now, you may want to consider upgrading. However, you should be able to create all of the hairstyles that we are going to talk about here with any caliber of a flat iron.

#1. Go for Summery Beach Waves

If you want waves and don’t have time for a dip in the sea and a seaside air-dry, then you should know that your flat iron is the key to accessing a gorgeous and summery “beach wave” hairstyle in no time flat. To get waves in an instant, section off hair which is completely dry.

Each section should be two inches. Braid each of the sections. Then, run your flat iron along the length of each braid, from top to bottom. This will allow you to get coveted beach-y waves right away.

Next, take out one braid at a time. Then, run your fingers through the two-inch section in order to loosen it. Continue until all of the braids are undone and loosened.

Finish up by spritzing a little sea salt spray onto your hair. It’ll lock the style into place!

#2. Try a Bouncy and Curly Style

Great curls which have big size and tons of style may be created with a straightening tool. It’s just a matter of mastering technique! To enjoy a bouncy and curly style, grab a two-inch section of your hair and then clamp the flat iron around the top of the section.

Next, twist your flat iron ninety-degrees, upwards or downwards, and then pull it through your locks. It’s like curling the ribbon that you use to decorate presents. Think about the motion that you utilize in order to curl ribbon with a pair of scissors and them mimic it in order to master this simple hack for gorgeous, bouncy curls.

#3. Create a Colorful and Creative Look

When you invest in some hair chalk and also utilize your flat iron, you’ll be able to access color which is truly vibrant. Apply the chalk where you want it. Then, run the flat iron over the colored sections. When you do, you’ll trap the chalk inside and this will make it look like you’ve used actual dye, rather than a temporary color product.

#4. Give Your Blow Out More Bounce

Bouncy hair is always attractive. It seems to shimmer with good health and has tons of volume. This volume tends to flatter every type of face shape. If you want a bouncy look, get it by adding some movement to the base of your tresses.

Do this by clamping the flat iron over a few inches of your hair, closest to the ends. The sections should be small when you clamp them. Once the iron is clamped on a section, flip it upwards or downwards, in a ninety-degree angle, and then pull it through the strands.

Now that you know some exciting and fashionable new hairstyles, you’ll be ready to get a whole new look.

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